Hello February DDSX#2

Hello February DDSX#2

01 February 2017

Dear Diary,

January just ended, and it is now February the first. What have I accomplished since my last Dear Diary post?

I’ve gotten two sales opportunity. Maybe even three. I didn’t turn any of them down because I’ve turned down so many opportunities in the past and I didn’t even realize  it  at the time. This year, I’m  taking every opportunity I can get to learn, experience, and break out of my comfort zone.

I’ve incorparated cardio into my weekly routine, that is an accomplishment because I stopped doing cardio since October. So I do cardio (stair masters & one mile jog/walk) about 3-4x/ week I started today off weighing 123lb. I have no goal weight, however my goal is to decrease my body fat and maintain the little muscles that I have. I will be posting a before and  current photo of myself around this week so stay tuned.

I’ve recorded my first video. It’s just an intro, but it is a start and at least I did that. Goals are achievable with even just baby steps. I’m fired up and excited to take on 2017.




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