Forest Falls

Forest Falls

IG: tkattx

Driving up the road only to see that it’s closed off. No problem. We parked at the bottom of the bottom and climbed our way atop.

It’s a rocky path. Literally. We’re surrounded by rocks and stream. We took a five minute break on our way up the fall. It was a long way we. Each one of us turned to each other, “Should we keep going?” We did. We fell in the creek trying to cross over the logs and rocks. The waterfall was beautiful. We hiked our way to the exit and sat in snow.

I haven’t touched snow since my one digit years. I didn’t know I was going to sink in. I thought I was in control. I saw Katie slip and I laughed. I was being cautious, but I ended up slipping too; as slow and cautious as I was walking, I slipped. My feet slid, and I fell on my butt following my head. This resulted in a bruised elbow and shoulder. Overall, it was a fun time.


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