Forest Falls

Forest Falls

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Driving up the road only to see that it’s closed off. No problem. We parked at the bottom of the bottom and climbed our way atop.

It’s a rocky path. Literally. We’re surrounded by rocks and stream. We took a five minute break on our way up the fall. It was a long way we. Each one of us turned to each other, “Should we keep going?” We did. We fell in the creek trying to cross over the logs and rocks. The waterfall was beautiful. We hiked our way to the exit and sat in snow.

I haven’t touched snow since my one digit years. I didn’t know I was going to sink in. I thought I was in control. I saw Katie slip and I laughed. I was being cautious, but I ended up slipping too; as slow and cautious as I was walking, I slipped. My feet slid, and I fell on my butt following my head. This resulted in a bruised elbow and shoulder. Overall, it was a fun time.

Adventure Time

Adventure Time

This month came off to a great start. It’s going well. I have the support of my friends. I’m getting what I have to done. I’m recording and documenting. Life is great, especially after I fell off the grid a bit towards the end of February. Remember: When you’re going through a tough time, things always gets worse before they get better.

I’ve met new friends this year. Now, it’s never my intention to meet new friends. I always talk to people I come across and that’s that; however, I realize that the best friendship comes unexpectedly. It’s amazing, and it beautiful, and it’s so beneficial because you learn about others, yet you learn about yourself. It’s a way of self-developement.

Yesterday afterschool, Ces and I did our make-up. We were getting ready to go climb trees and hike with a photographer who wanted to shoot photos of us. He never made it.

Ces and I try to catch a sunset at least once every week, if not twice. We love it. I never had a friend to go out and play make-belief with. We will pretend we’re animals, or we’re getting chased or we’re lost and make the best of it.

I never knew how wild and adventurous I was because I was always fearful and she helped open up a new door for me. I love it. Being outside and surrounded by nothing but trees, and grass and dirt is beautiful. It gives me the ultimate high to life. I would choose this high over a substance high anyday.

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