Photoshoot with Friends

Photoshoot with Friends

Last Monday I went and did my first photoshoot because my friends either couldn’t or didn’t tag along. This pass Monday, I had my friend (Cesia) do it with me and my best friend (Pilar) tag along. It was a 35 minute drive from our city to where the photographer (Greg) is. On our drive there, we listened to music and shared story. Cesia was in the back perfecting her make-up. I can’t do that in a moving car.

We all met up at Vons and took Greg’s car. It was going to be about an hour and something going to Santa Monica. Pilar sat in the passenger so she can record the drive and whatever that is outside. Her and Greg talked most of the time. Pilar’s a very talkative person, and she has a loving personality so it makes it so easy for people to connect with her.

We got to LA and we were very hungry. We went to this hotdog place of Greg’s choice. At first I was unsure about it because I thought they only sold sausage by itself. Then I saw a man cutting a bread/bun in half. Ces and I got the turkey & chicken sun-dried mozarella. Pilar got the lamb. Greg got the rabbit and rattle snake. While we sat and waited for our food, we played hangman. When the food came, I took a bite into my hotdog and it was the most delicious hot dog I’ve ever had. The restaurant is called Wurstküche Restaurant.

Once we finished our food, we hopped back into the car inbound to Santa Monica. We got there and got dress. Pilar was helping us with our pose because she’s more experienced in modeling. She also carried and moved our stuff and recorded some clips for my vlog. It was fun, and exciting, and we felt as if we all got something done. Photoshoot

First Time in a Gentlemen’s Club

First Time in a Gentlemen’s Club

We drove 15 minutes away from where we live to the nearest Spearmint Rhinos. We put the car in park and proceeded to walk in. The door’s man asked us for our ID & $21. I paid card while my friend paid cash.  We got our ticket and went through the doors.

It was awkward for me at first because I’ve never been to a gentlemen’s club or a strip club before. I’ve never even been to a club before. I staid behind a wall until I was able to find a place to sit. We looked around and I found a seating near up front. We sat and observed the dancers, crowds, music, lighting, and dances.

I’ve considered becoming a dancer, but I didn’t know that it required being fully naked, or even half-naked. I thought it was costumes and pole-dancing.

Every dancers’ music and lightings were different. There were those who were more on the pole and there were those who were more on the stage and then there are those who did both.

My favorite had to be the more sensual, slow dancing. I was able to watch and observe their movements more.

As for the audience, I see mostly men around the ages of 20-40. Mostly 20 & 30, it seems. People randomly choose to sit up front, depending on whether they think the dancers are attractive, or whether it’s the music playin, there’s always different people coming up front.

I had a great time watching because I was able to learn and experience what it’s like inside of a gentlemens club. Am I still considering it? Probably not.

And it’s not because I’m discouraged, or I think anything is wrong with it. It’s beautiful, but I prefer wearing costumes and dancing. Though I would love to learn how to dance like most of the girls up there.